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About us

Transparency International Defence & Security (TI-DS) is part of Transparency International, the world’s leading anti-corruption Movement, comprised of 100 national Chapters and a Secretariat in Berlin. TI-DS is a global centre of excellence, evidence and advocacy dedicated to building integrity in the defence and security sector for the benefit of citizens, states, and the world. It is hosted by Transparency International UK and works with Chapters across the Movement.

Since its establishment, TI-DS has worked to bring anti-corruption firmly into the global defence and security agenda. We have established ourselves as a leader on these issues.
A signature success has been the creation of the Government Defence Integrity Index (GDI), the world’s leading assessment of corruption risk in national defence institutions. Over the duration of our most recent strategy, 2021-2023, we used the GDI to open doors to influence with defence institutions and to inform policy positions on topics including security sector reform (SSR), arms control, and private sector integrity. We have built strong networks for influence through our partnerships with Chapters and other civil society organisations, and through forming global and regional networks of TI Chapters advocating for integrity in defence and security.


Our vision is of a world without corruption in defence and security.

Our mission is to bring corruption in defence and security out of the shadows. We champion transparency, and mobilise national and international action to build integrity and better security for all.