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We are a global programme of Transparency International, focused on tackling corruption in the global defence and security sector. Our staff and senior advisors bring expertise from their military, legal, diplomatic, academic and anti-corruption backgrounds to foster and promote global best practice on defence anti-corruption and to push globally for meaningful reform.

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Natalie Hogg



Mia Paukovic

Programme Manager – Industry Integrity

Mia joined Transparency International’s Defence and Security programme in August 2017 as Project Manager in the Industry Integrity team. She works on projects related to defence industry influence on policy making as well as the Defence Companies Anti-Corruption Index. Mia joined Transparency International after two years in North Korea at the United Nations Resident Coordinator’s Office where she worked on humanitarian, development and security matters. Before that she managed research projects on consumer issues for a variety of clients in the private sector. She holds MSc degrees in International Relations and Social Psychology from the University of Amsterdam and speaks Dutch and Croatian.

Charlotte Linney

Project Officer – Industry Integrity

Charlotte joined TI-DS in March 2018. She works primarily on the Defence Companies Anti-Corruption Index, while also contributing other aspects of the programme from admin to research. Charlotte has a background in political risk and corporate security services. She graduated from the University of Nottingham in 2017 with a MSci in International Relations and Global Issues, and speaks French and Spanish.

Juliana Shafroth

Project Officer - Industry Integrity

Juliana oversees and coordinates the research for the Defence Companies Index (DCI), having joined the Industry Integrity programme in July 2019. Prior to that she worked at a risk consultancy where she undertook anti-corruption investigations in Spain and Italy. She also has experience conducting research on national security policy and conflict for non-governmental organisations. Juliana has an MSc in Security Studies from University College London, where she focused on the nexus between terrorism and organised crime.

Michael Ofori-Mensah

Project Manager - GDI

Dr. Michael Ofori-Mensah is Research Project Manager at Transparency International - Defence & Security (TI-DS) where he is responsible for managing the delivery of the Government Defence Integrity Index (GDI). Until August 2018, Michael was Director of Research at the Institute of Economic Affairs, where he spent 8 years leading research and coordinating a broad range of national and international projects. He has contributed to several public policy reform initiatives in the area of governance and constitution review in Ghana. Michael has also provided technical support to many key institutions including Ghana’s Parliament, which he has advised on legislation such as the Presidential (Transition) Act. In 2011, he was a Member of Ghana’s legally mandated petroleum revenue oversight body – the Public Interest Accountability Committee (PIAC). Michael has undertaken research on economic and political issues and authored several publications on institutional reform, anti-corruption and public financial management. Michael has extensive experience in the financial sector having previously worked as an analyst at firms such as Citigroup in the UK and Fidelity Investments in the USA. He holds a PhD from the University of Edinburgh, an MSc (Econ) in Political Economy from the London School of Economics (LSE) and a BA (Hons) in Economics and Politics from the University of Kent.

Hannah Papachristidis

Project Officer - GDI

Hannah joined TI-DS in April 2019 as a Project Officer in the Responsible Defence Governance team, where she supports the research and publication efforts of the 2020 Government Defence Integrity Index. Hannah holds a Masters in International Affairs from Columbia University, and previous work includes consulting for Mercy Corps on issues of social cohesion in the Middle East.

Alex Strelet

Project Officer - GDI

Alex joined Transparency International - Defence & Security in October 2018 and works primarily on the Government Defence Integrity Index (GDI), contributing to its production and delivery. In this role, he helps manage the data collection and quality control for GDI country assessments. Alex holds a Masters in Conflict, Security and Development from King’s College London and speaks English, Romanian and Russian.

Jodi Vittori

Research & Policy Manager

Jodi Vittori is the Washington, DC-based Research and Policy Manager. She is also a non-resident fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and she teaches on corruption and governance at Georgetown University. Prior to joining TI-DS, Jodi was a senior policy adviser for Global Witness, where she managed educational and advocacy activities on linkages between corruption and national security. Prior to that, Jodi served in the U.S. Air Force, advancing to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel; her overseas service included Afghanistan, Iraq, South Korea, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain, and she was assigned to NATO’s only counter-corruption task force. She was an Assistant Professor and military faculty at the US Air Force Academy and the National Defense University’s College of International Security Affairs. Jodi has published on conflict finance and illicit financial flows and she is the author of the book Terrorist Financing and Resourcing and a co-author of the handbook Corruption Threats and International Missions: Practical Guidance for Leaders. She is a
graduate of the US Air Force Academy and received her PhD in International Studies from the University of Denver.

Colby Goodman

Senior Consultant

Colby Goodman is a Senior Consultant at Transparency International Defence and Security (TI-DS) and an expert commentator on US security assistance abroad. At TI-DS, he conducts research and provides advice on corruption risks within the international arms trade and other forms of external assistance to defense forces.

Mr. Goodman has fought to reduce corruption risks and prevent harm in US security assistance over the past 15 years by uncovering some of the deeper challenges and illuminating ways to address these challenges. Three-parts policy sleuth and one-part advocate, he exposed key corruption-related risks in US counterterrorism aid and in changes to US controls on commercial arms sales as the former Director of the Security Assistance Monitor program. Government officials or congressional staff have used his insights to stop illegal trafficking networks in Africa, enhance US oversight over gifts of US military weapons and training, and push for effective controls on commercial arms sales around the world.

Elor Nkereuwem

Research & Advocacy Fellow

Elor Nkereuwem is finishing up a PhD in International Relations (African Studies concentration) at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, Washington, D.C. Her dissertation focuses on discourse and political violence. It proposes a renewed focus on the narratives that contribute to the emergence of extremist violence.

Before coming to SAIS, she graduated from the University of London (London School of Economics and Political Science) with a degree in International Relations. In 2013 she obtained a Master of Letters degree in Peace and Conflict Studies from the University of St Andrews, Scotland where her dissertation, which analyzed the interaction between the news media and the Nigerian terrorist group Boko Haram, earned her the Sir Menzies Campbell Prize for Best MLitt Dissertation in International Relations. She is an award-winning investigative journalist and has recently finished a visiting fellowship with the Henry L. Stimson Center, Washington, D.C., where she published a paper on China’s and Russia’s roles in African Peacekeeping. Her latest co-authored paper on media coverage of corruption during electoral cycles was published in collaboration with the Anti-Corruption Evidence (ACE) research consortium – led by SOAS, University of London.


Flora Stevens

Project Officer - Global Advocacy

Flora joined Transparency International - Defence & Security in September 2018 as a Project Officer in the Responsible Defence Governance team, where she supports global advocacy efforts on the Government Defence Integrity Index. Prior work experiences include her time spent working in support networks for refugees, at UNESCO and the EU. Flora holds a Masters in International Security, from Sciences Po Paris & Peking University and speaks French, English, Mandarin and Spanish.

Kaleigh Heard

Training & Military Engagement Manager

Kaleigh Heard is the Training and Military Engagement Manager at Transparency International - Defence &Security and oversees the engagement, education, training and technical assistance that TI-DS conducts with defence and security forces globally. Prior to her role with TI-DS, Kaleigh worked as a Defence Scientist (Strategic Analysis) for Defence Research and Development Canada’s Centre for Operational Research and Analysis, a Strategic Analyst for the Canadian Chief of Force Development and the Strategic Joint Staff. In this role she led Canada’s contributions to the Five Eyes, NATO, and QCJWC on the Futures portfolio, including the development of Canada’s Future Security and Operating Environment products and the Joint Capstone Concept as well as acted as the technical point of contact for the Strategic Joint Staff on the protection of civilians in armed conflict. She also co-led the technical review for the Canadian Defence Policy Review under the Director-General of Capability and Structure Integration, and deployed as a Strategic Analyst on several operations and exercises.

Kaleigh’s technical background is in the protection of civilians in conflict, civilian access to justice during conflict, and civil-military relations during counterinsurgency campaigns. She has worked broadly in the Middle East, Central Asia, North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa, and Haiti. In addition to her professional experience, Kaleigh is an experienced researcher and has held several teaching and research fellowships at the University of British Columbia, the University of Oxford, Yale University, and the Social Sciences and Research Council of Canada. Kaleigh holds a Ph.D in Political Science (University of British Columbia), a Master of Arts in Political Science (University of British Columbia), a Master of Arts in War Studies (Royal Military College of Canada), and a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in International Relations (University of Western Ontario).

Henna Chauhan

Training & Military Engagement Officer

Henna coordinates the training activity that takes place across the team. She worked previously as the Operations Intern in Transparency International - Defence & Security, assisting with MEL, ad hoc research and budgetary processes. She has experience in account management and digital marketing. Henna has an MA in International Relations from the University of Warwick, focusing on new global security challenges and the complexities of drone warfare.

Global Delivery

Karolina MacLachlan

Regional Programme Manager - Europe

Karolina joined Transparency International - Defence & Security in August 2014 and is the Regional Programme Manager for Europe. She earned her PhD at the Department of War Studies King’s College London, and has extensive research and university teaching experience in security and defence issues. Prior to joining TI-DS, she worked at the House of Commons, managing inquiries for the Environmental Audit Committee.

Najla Dowson-Zeidan

Programme Manager

Najla joined Transparency International - Defence & Security in September 2017 as a Project Manager in the Conflict and Insecurity team. She works on projects related to tackling corruption in the defence and security sectors in fragile and conflict-affected states, with a focus on the Middle East and North Africa. Prior to joining Transparency International, Najla managed media development, governance, and humanitarian-related research projects across the Middle East and North Africa region for BBC Media Action, an international development organisation. She holds an MA in Human Rights Law from SOAS, University of London and speaks Arabic.

Bénédicte Aboul-Nasr

Project Officer

Bénédicte joined TI-DS in October 2018 as a Project Officer in the Conflict and Insecurity team. Her work focuses on the Middle East and North Africa region, where she conducts research and advocacy on links between corruption, conflict, and insecurity in fragile and conflict-affected states and coordinates projects seeking to curb corruption in defence.

Bénédicte previously worked at the Center for Civilians in Conflict, a Washington DC based organisation which advocates for states to mitigate civilian harm in their operations. Prior experience includes positions at the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Mercy Corps, and the British Red Cross. Bénédicte holds an LL.M in Public International Law with a focus on International Humanitarian Law from Queen Mary, University of London, and speaks French and Italian.

Camilla Zuliani

Project Manager - Nigeria/Ghana

Camilla previously worked in capacity building for humanitarian organisations and has experience in the UK and international development sector. Camilla holds a MA in Philosophy and a MSc in Middle East in Global Politics, Conflict, Governance and Development. Camilla speaks Italian and French.

Julien Joly

Project Manager

Matthew Steadman

Project Officer

Matthew joined Transparency International – Defence & Security in October 2018 as a Programme Intern before joining the Global Delivery team as a Project Officer. He works on projects in West Africa and Central & Eastern Europe which focus on the links between corruption, conflict and insecurity in fragile states and on improving defence sector governance more generally.
Matthew holds an MA in Humanitarianism and Conflict Response from the University of Manchester and speaks English, French and Spanish.