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Where we work

Transparency International – Defence & Security is a global programme focused on tackling corruption in the international defence and security sector. Encompassing a range of countries and contexts our country based projects  are executed in partnership with the local Transparency International chapter and aim to initiate, or strengthen in-country reform efforts.

Working at country and increasingly the regional level, we seek engagement with  military leaders, defence institutions and senior officials  with the aim of  supporting their efforts to improve defence governance and implement integrity  initiatives and reform programmes. We also work with international and national oversight bodies – including government anti-corruption agencies, parliamentary committees, civil society organisations and media – to strengthen their capacity to hold institutions to account. Our work also targets the international community in order to foster dialogue on the importance of reducing corruption risk in defence  and to coordinate  efforts on these issues.

We also support our colleagues in Transparency International chapters worldwide by funding initiatives aimed at tackling defence corruption and improving transparency and accountability in their countries. Read more about our Defence Integrity Action Fund.

Where we work:

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