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Tag: Defence Integrity Action Fund

The Defence Integrity Action Fund is a fund disbursed by Transparency International Defence and Security to support TI Chapters in their efforts to reduce defence and security corruption worldwide.

  • TI National Chapters and Chapters in Formation will be eligible to apply.
  • The grant size will range from EUR 5,000-20,000 and the project duration will be 3-12 months.
  • Complete projects, existing projects, or parts of projects through match funding can be funded.
  • All projects need to be directly relevant and contribute to the TI Defence and Security strategy, which specifies how sustainable progress in this particular area can be made based on extensive consultations, research, and lessons identified from more than 10 years of working on these issues.
  • Download the full specification here.

The deadline for grant applications is 14 March 2016. Please submit your proposals to