Defence Companies Index

On Anti-Corruption and Corporate Transparency

The Defence Companies Index on Anti-Corruption and Corporate Transparency (DCI) measures the transparency and quality of ethics and anti-corruption programmes in the world’s largest defence companies.

View the DCI 2020 webpage explainer here.

View the DCI 2015 results here.

The DCI sets standards for transparency, accountability and anti-corruption programmes in the defence sector. By analysing what companies are publicly committing to in terms of their openness, policies and procedures, we seek to drive reform in the sector, reducing corruption and its impact. The Index was published in 2012 and 2015, with the latest edition set to be published in early 2020, using a revised methodology.

The DCI 2020 will assess 140 of the world’s leading defence companies across 39 countries. We have identified 10 key areas where better anti-corruption standards and improved disclosure can reduce the opportunity for corruption in the defence sector; ranging from corruption risk assessments, to support for employees, responsible customer engagement and management of agents.

We will continue to use the results of the DCI to advocate for improved corporate anti-corruption standards in established and emerging defence markets. Ultimately, we believe this will build public trust, reassure investors, build constructive relationships with customers and improve the reputation of companies and the sector.