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Author: admin effusion

Governments pushing arms trade into the hands of corrupt middlemen

London, 28th June 2016 – The drive of major governments towards lucrative arms sales in emerging markets is increasing opportunities for corruption by middlemen.

Opaque, unaccountable defense spending threatens to derail the global development agenda.  If the United Nations and its member states are serious about implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030, they’re going to have to abandon their exceptional treatment of the defense sector and start asking what countries really spend on their militaries.


Stemming the outflows of cash is simply not enough.

By Leah Wawro, Programme Manager, Conflict & Insecurity and
Éléonore Vidal de la Blache, Project Manager – Africa, Conflict & Insecurity

Speaking with fellow anti-corruption activists in Nigeria at the UK’s anti-corruption summit last week, we hear the same thing we’ve heard many times before: ‘we can’t do this on our own, here in Nigeria.’


In the anti-corruption fight, quick wins rarely come around. It can take years to help people understand how corruption can damage their business and their country. That’s why the story of Tatra Trucks came as a pleasant surprise.