Industry Integrity

The Industry Integrity team works with the international defence industry, governments and civil society to address systemic corruption risks in the arms trade.

See more of our work with the defence industry by browsing the 2015 edition of the Defence Companies Anti-Corruption Index (DCI).

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  • Putting pressure on industry to improve practices

    We work with and put pressure on industry to increase the transparency and improve the quality of their ethics and anti-corruption programmes, and to strengthen their commitment to responsible business practices. This often involves working at a national level, with the support of industry associations and in collaboration with TI National Chapters, and local civil society.

  • Changing the rules of the game to tackle the most deeply entrenched corrupt practices

    Understanding that companies cannot act in isolation from the terms of the market, we undertake research into the biggest barriers to reducing corruption risks, including the use of agents and intermediaries and offset contracting, and seek to drive change by working with motivated governments and companies. We also monitor global arms sales and allegations of defence corruption to further our understanding of corruption in the defence and security sector.

  • Increasing the costs for corrupt companies

    We are aware that efforts to increase transparency in the defence industry are often driven by a straightforward cost benefit analysis. As such, we are also focused on the role effective enforcement and expansion of legislation (UK Bribery Act and FCPA), and changes in buyer behaviour can play in changing company behaviour.

Key Publications

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Defence Companies Anti-Corruption Index 2015

The Defence Companies Anti-Corruption Index 2015 measures the transparency and quality of ethics and anti-corruption programmes of 163 defence companies from 47 countries.

Suspension & Debarment: Strengthening integrity in international defence contracting

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