Major Changes to Flagship Government Defence Index

16th September 2019

September 16th 2019, London – Transparency International’s Defence and Security Programme (TI-DS) has made some significant changes to its flagship Government Defence Anticorruption Index ahead of the first wave of country results for the 2020 iteration in October.

In order to futureproof the Index and ensure it continues to provide a comprehensive overview of corruption risk in global defence institutions, changes have been made to the methodology and scoring underpinning the project. As in previous versions of the Index, countries have been assessed using 77 indicators, but each of these now features a set of sub-indicators which focus on specific and measureable areas of interest.

This means that while some sub-indicators in the 2020 Index can be compared with historical results, changes in overall country scores from 2015 to 2020 will not reflect the entirety of the new index and should not be seen as an indication of improvement or weakening of country institutions.

In addition, the project will now be named the Government Defence Integrity Index. It will now be referred to using the new acronym GDI to differentiate from previous iterations.

The amount of work required to produce the GDI means the latest results will be released in waves, with the first wave – covering West Africa and the Middle East and North Africa – due to be published in October 2019.

Subsequent waves are scheduled for January 2020 (Central and Eastern Europe and Latin America) and May 2020 (G-20+ countries). The remaining data, covering the Asia Pacific region, East and Southern Africa, and NATO+, is due to be released in the second part of 2020.

This latest version of the Index will be accompanied by a new interactive website which allows users to better explore the results as well as other relevant work produced by TI-DS.



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