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06.07.2016 Mistakes of Iraq must never be repeated

Invasion of Iraq fuelled corruption and instability 6th July 2016, London – Transparency International Defence & Security Programme (TI-DSP) welcomes today the publication of the Chilcot Inquiry that is...

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28.06.2016 Why Airbus can’t be allowed to ‘forget’ about its middlemen

The failure of Airbus to declare its agents highlights the weakness of self-disclosure requirements and why governments can and should use export policies to reduce the influence of corrupt...

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28.06.2016 Agents pose major corruption risks in arms deals

Governments pushing arms trade into the hands of corrupt middlemen London, 28th June 2016 – The drive of major governments towards lucrative arms sales in emerging markets is increasing...

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07.06.2016 If you really care about sustainable development, you better think about defense

Opaque, unaccountable defense spending threatens to derail the global development agenda.  If the United Nations and its member states are serious about implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030,...

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17.05.2016 Systemic reform in Nigerian defence – fantastically hard work

Stemming the outflows of cash is simply not enough. The UK should lend its political weight to pushing the kind of systemic reform in Nigeria's defence sector that will...

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05.05.2016 When will the security policy community wake up to the threat of corruption?

Last week protesters stormed the Green Zone in Iraq.  In many ways, this was hardly news. Over the last decade, popular frustration with endemic government corruption has been sustained...

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27.04.2016 South Africa: Arms deal report fails to settle matter of corruption in arms procurement

In response to President Zuma’s release yesterday of the Seriti Commission’s report, Corruption Watch notes that, given the thoroughly flawed and irregular proceedings of the commission over the last...

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13.04.2016 Why defence sales are undermining national security

Finally lawmakers from several states are starting to raise serious doubts about weapons sales to Saudi Arabia. The Swedish Parliament began the debate last June with a report proposing...

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11.04.2016 Largest troop contributors to UN Peacekeeping at high risk of corruption

Bangladesh, Ethiopia, India major peacekeeping contributors but amongst most prone to corruption New York – 4th April 2016 – The top 30 Troop Contributing Countries (TCCs) to UN peacekeeping...

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24.02.2016 Apply now: Defence Integrity Action Fund

The Defence Integrity Action Fund is a fund disbursed by Transparency International Defence and Security to support TI Chapters in their efforts to reduce defence and security corruption worldwide....

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09.02.2016 Listen: How Corruption Undermines Security Across Africa

Listen to an expert panel discussion on corruption and security governance across Africa. This discussion took place on 25 January at King’s College London and coincided with the launch...

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28.11.2015 Defence Corruption risks in Middle East and North Africa critically high

Transparency International warns of ongoing corruption risks contributing to instability All states in the Middle East and North Africa are at high risk of corruption posing a continuing threat...

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