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26.12.2017 NAKO withdraws from engagement with UkrOboronProm citing stalled reform efforts

The Independent Defence Anti-Corruption Committee (NAKO) announced that it would withdraw from engagement with UkrOboronProm, due to the failure of the Government and Presidential Administration to make progress in...

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29.11.2017 New research: Government efforts to halt illegal trade with Donbas ineffective

The illegal trade between government-controlled Ukraine and the occupied territories in Donbas is conducted systematically, facilitated by Ukrainian defense and security institutions, according to new research. The illegal trade...

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05.09.2017 Efforts to Promote Global Peace Wasted Unless Fighting Corruption Prioritised

5th September, 2017, London – Corruption is perpetuating violent conflicts around the world. New research from Transparency International – Defence and Security found that fighting corruption is rarely a...

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12.08.2017 Transparency International meets with Nigerian Air Force to discuss anti-corruption reforms

On Thursday, Transparency International Senior Advisor Sir Ian Andrews, and Defence and Security Director Katherine Dixon facilitated a day of high level discussions with the leadership of the Nigerian...

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24.05.2017 Excessive secrecy and weak planning undermine the effectiveness of international assistance in the defense sphere – new study

May 24 2017 | Kyiv International security assistance to Ukraine is not always used effectively, according to new research on corruption risks in security assistance by the Independent Defence...

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18.05.2017 International community must join fight against defence corruption in Nigeria

Corruption in Nigerian defence sector benefitting Boko Haram 18th May, London – Deep-rooted corruption in the defence sector is crippling the Nigerian military in the fight against Boko Haram,...

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18.05.2017 Hidden defence budget benefits Boko Haram, undermines Buhari’s anti-corruption drive

Increase transparency in the security sector to defeat corruption. 18th May, Abuja – An opaque and secretive security sector will jeopardize President Buhari’s ambitious anti-corruption drive and is derailing...

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27.04.2017 Countering radicalisation with arms export controls

The world’s major arms exporters have a conflicted approach when it comes to dealing with what are effectively kleptocratic governments.

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25.04.2017 Transparency International Applauds New Bi-Partisan Anti-Corruption Bill

25th April 2017, London – New bi-partisan legislation to treat international corruption as a national security threat is a vital development following the February repeal of Section 1504 of...

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13.03.2017 Corruption Helped ISIS Take Mosul. Victory Cannot Last While It Persists

Without reducing the corruption that plagues the country’s government, terrorism will be impossible to defeat.

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21.02.2017 ISIS cannot be defeated without addressing corrupt conditions in which they thrive

21st February 2017, London – Western governments that ignore corruption are failing to address the root causes of violent extremist movements, such as ISIS, according to new research by...

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01.02.2017 Attack on US anti-corruption law a threat to national security

London, 31st January 2017 – An attempt by two Republican legislators to repeal a vital section of the US safeguards against corruption threatens to seriously undermine national security, according...

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