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Publication 01.06.2019

Corruption and Military Operations: A Note for Commanders

Corruption and conflict are bedfellows and their coexistence feeds a vicious circle of violence and instability. Military interventions in fragile and conflict states will need to contend with corrupt practices that can undermine the purpose of the mission, perpetuate insecurity, and cause misery for whole societies.  Whether corruption undermines mission goals depends to a large extent on the commander’s awareness of its impact, and on his or her ability to prioritise and resource the efforts to mitigate it. This paper introduces military commanders to key corruption risks and mitigation measures, providing a basis for pre-deployment planning and for exercises.

This document is part of a larger body of work on analysing and mitigating corruption risks in interventions with a military component. It signposts the key issues that are likely to need attention at the strategic and political levels, where key policies are set, mission mandates established, and conditions for troop contributions agreed. For more detail on specific corruption pathways, mitigation measures, and military planning processes, please consult the Interventions Anti Corruption Guidance website.



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