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Publication 11.04.2016

Corruption & Peace Operations: Risks and recommendations for Troop Contributing Countries and the United Nations

Corruption is a key driver of conflict and instability and poses a direct threat to the successful implementation of peacekeeping mandates. As the Report of the High-level Independent Panel on Peace Operations recognises, corruption provides financing for organised criminal groups, leads to violent extremism and public unrest, and can undo years of peacekeeping efforts.

Recently allegations of sexual abuse by foreign military forces in CAR have demonstrated that gross misconduct by peacekeeping troops continues to challenge missions and must be addressed by the peacekeeping community. While sexual abuse is the most visible form of misconduct, any act that undermines a mission’s credibility, including corruption, must be seen as a threat.

Our research demonstrates that, notwithstanding the UN’s continuing efforts, both it and TCCs need to take more systematic action to reduce corruption risk in international missions.

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