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Publication 01.06.2019

Intervening Without Corruption: Guidance for Political-Military Planners

As international interventions – from stabilisation missions and peacekeeping contributions to security assistance – frequently take place in environments affected by corruption and conflict, they will need to grapple with corruption issues, including the particularly destructive form corruption can take in defence and security forces. Their design and implementation will need to take corruption risks into account, and will need to minimise the risk of missions exacerbating corruption. Where a military component is part of the intervention, the intervening forces will need to mitigate corruption risks in their own activities and be able to support wider anti-corruption measures.

This document is part of a larger body of work on analysing and mitigating corruption risks in interventions with a military component. It signposts the key issues that are likely to need attention at the strategic and political levels, where key policies are set, mission mandates established, and conditions for troop contributions agreed. For more detail on specific corruption pathways, mitigation measures, and military planning processes, please consult the Interventions Anti Corruption Guidance website.

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