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Publication 04.12.2023

Securing Integrity, Fostering Peace

Corruption in defence and security heightens conflict risks, wastes public resources, and exacerbates human insecurity. Events such as the collapse of the Afghan security forces and fall of Afghanistan, Russia’s war in Ukraine, and a spate of coups across Africa, have brought these linkages into sharp relief, and shone a glaring light on the need for change.

Transparency International Defence & Security (TI-DS) is a leading centre of excellence and advocacy on these issues. Part of the global Transparency International (TI) Movement, we are working to bring corruption in defence and security out of the shadows. We champion transparency, and mobilise national and international action to build integrity and better security for all. Over 2024-2026, we will be bolder, focused, and impactful, on three key global themes. Learn more about our work in this strategy document.

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