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Publication 09.06.2020

Security sector reforms and COVID-19: Why anti-corruption matters more than ever

The COVID-19 outbreak is not only a health crisis, but it also poses wider risks that may have repercussions on human and state security worldwide. Security is already deteriorating across the globe with millions of people vulnerable to conflicts and extremism.

While emergency legislation is hastily drafted and security sector actors are given prominent roles in supporting the management of the pandemic in countries across the world, it is crucial that the sector operates freely from corruption and is efficient and accountable to the population it is supposed to protect. In already fragile contexts, the health and economic crisis adds to the existing security challenges and puts additional burden on the security actors as well as those responsible to exercise democratic control on the sector.

Join us and our international experts and contribute to shape the discourse on security sector reform during and after the pandemic. At the end of the webinar there will be 20 minutes dedicated to the audience to ask questions, comment and reflect on these topics:


How can security sector reform continue during and after the pandemic?
What will be their challenges, priorities and opportunities?
Which role will anti-corruption play?


Download the webinar programme below.

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