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04.12.2023 Securing Integrity, Fostering Peace: Our call to action

By Josie Stewart, Programme Director As the sun set behind rugged mountains, casting a warm glow over the bustling streets of Kabul, whispers of fear filled the air. A...

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08.03.2023 International Women’s Day 2023: integrating a gender perspective

We know that corruption can be gender-specific in both form and impact. We know that it can perpetuate sexual and gender-based violence and gender inequality, and we know that the risks of this...

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29.11.2022 Checking the rise of shadow armies

Private Military and Security Companies (PMSCs) are a growing presence globally. They act as ‘shadow armies’, operating without transparency and free from legal accountability for their actions in conflict...

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25.11.2022 Transparency International Defence and Security responds to review of UK’s aid investment in Afghanistan

In response to the review of the UK’s aid investment in Afghanistan published this week by the UK Independent Commission on Aid Impact (ICAI), Josie Stewart, Director of Transparency...

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09.08.2022 The hidden costs of privatising defence and security

Michael Ofori-Mensah, Head of Research at Transparency International Defence and Security, describes some of the dangers documented in our latest research paper. Unaccountable private military and security companies continue...

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