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21.02.2017 ISIS cannot be defeated without addressing corrupt conditions in which they thrive

21st February 2017, London – Western governments that ignore corruption are failing to address the root causes of violent extremist movements, such as ISIS, according to new research by...

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20.02.2017 Fighting Corruption Is a Security Imperative, Not a Moral Crusade

This blog was orginally published by New America and can be accessed here These are banner times for corruption watchdogs pushing for transparency. From Congress’s recent repeal of the...

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01.02.2017 Attack on US anti-corruption law a threat to national security

London, 31st January 2017 – An attempt by two Republican legislators to repeal a vital section of the US safeguards against corruption threatens to seriously undermine national security, according...

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26.01.2017 SFO Settlement: Did Rolls Royce Exaggerate the Impact of Debarment to Avoid a Criminal Prosecution?

Eva Anderson, our Senior Legal Officer and Barrister discusses issues around debarment

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26.01.2017 My Lord, We’re Missing The Plaintiff

Following the Rolls-Royce DPA, Andy Watson, Head of Industry Integrity, asks who are the real victims in a big corruption case like this?

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26.01.2017 Do big defence contractors simply play by different rules?

Katherine Dixon, Director Defence and Security Programme, considers whether some defence companies are too important to be prosecuted

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08.11.2016 Anti-Corruption safeguards vital in UK/ India defence cooperation

8th November 2016, London – India must put in place strong safeguards to ensure effective anti-corruption mechanisms are built into any coming defence deals between the UK and India,...

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28.10.2016 Corruption and international security: the TI toolkit

We know that corruption is a threat to international security. Now we need to work out how to address it. Corruption threatens international security, destroying the legitimacy and effectiveness...

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25.10.2016 New committee forms to fight defence sector corruption in Ukraine

Joint national-international committee sets sights on increasing transparency and accountability in country’s most vital sector 25 October 2016, Kyiv – The Independent Defence Anti-Corruption Committee (Nezalezhny Antikorrupciynii Komitet z...

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05.10.2016 As Anti-Corruption Efforts Expand Globally, the Defense Sector Remains an Outlier

This article was first publidhed by Defence One here A recent anti-corruption summit produced hundreds of commitments, exactly eight of which concerned defense. Slowly but surely, the world is...

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23.09.2016 When good laws aren’t implemented

In the UK and Europe, legislation such as the UK Public Contract Regulations 2006 and the European Public Procurement Directive give governments the power to debar or exclude companies...

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08.08.2016 Airbus investigation exposes corruption risks with third parties

8 August 2016, London – Commenting on the UK Serious Fraud Office (SFO) opening a new investigation into allegations of fraud, bribery and corruption at Airbus, Katherine Dixon Director...

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